Easy-to-Create Crypto Currency Exchanges with Unified Liquidity Pool

An ecosystem of White Label Crypto Exchanges designed to create a network of multiple venues that utilizes the synergies of a unified liquidity pool.

Existing Challenges

  • Loss of currency due to a single point of failure
  • Segregated liquidity pools
  • High development & maintenance costs
  • Risk of failure if not a critical customer mass is not reached
  • Lack of marketing strategy & legal compliance
  • High barriers of entry

Centralized Crypto Exchanges

  • Slower trading engine and order execution
  • High transaction costs
  • Scalability limitations
  • Insufficient liquidity-bridging due to configurational differences between the protocols applied
  • Basic functionalities unsuitable for sophisticated trading strategies
  • Need of significant Blockchain technology expertise to develop a DEX

Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchanges (DEX)

EXPREAD Ecosystem

is the Solution

Diagram: EXPREAD Operational Structure

Main Features

Crypto Currency Exchange White Labels
The first white label crypto-exchanges provider in the market, which enables newly established service providers to enjoy the unified trading engine and order book.
Aggregated Liquidity & Network Effect
The aggregated liquidity provides synergic benefits for all EXPREAD exchanges as the number of service providers and users grow.
Decentralized Interaction between Exchanges
Blockchain-powered order offsetting system that applies the off-chain broadcasting, periodic aggregation and on-chain execution of the orders.
Multi Party Signature Security System
Reliable internal control system integrating interconnected layers of multi-sig addresses.

How to Open an Exchange with EXPREAD

  • Initiating team sends the application package to the EXPREAD Foundation
  • Due diligence done to determine the validity of application
  • Application is approved
  • The set-up timelines are specified & technical execution is initiated
  • The white-label is branded; cloud connection & on-chain settlement protocol is set up, etc.
  • The EXPREAD activates the exchange’s connectivity to the ecosystem


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